Having 30 years of China experience and been living in Shanghai for 14 years built the foundation and proficiency for SinoWesternCoaching focusing on its main products Coaching, Training & Facilitation

Based in Shanghai/China and working globally, SinoWesternCoaching is dedicated to support people with different cultures, backgrounds and levels of experience. 

SinoWesternCoaching offers its services in
Chinese, English, German and French to leaders, managers, professionals and individuals and has the strong desire to have a lasting impact by supporting them in fulfilling their potential and achieving sustainable performance improvements while at the same time also flourishing in their role. 

I look forward to working together with you and contributing to your development and success. 

+ Executive Coaching

+ Career Coaching

+ Cross-Cultural Coaching
+ Life Coaching

+ Communication Skills

+ Cross Cultural Communication
+ Presentation Skills
+ Business Etiquette
+ Business Writing Skills

+ Conflict Management

+ Team Building

+ Leadership Development
+ Stress Management
+ Body & Energy